I receive an alert "Free Upgrade Available" from my Norton product for Mac

If you have an active Norton product for Mac subscription and are eligible for a free upgrade, you receive an alert to upgrade your Norton product for Mac to the latest version.

Do the following to upgrade your Norton product:

Upgrade your Norton product

  1. In the Free Upgrade Available alert window, click Upgrade Now.

    If you have closed the upgrade alert window, start your Norton product, and then click Free Upgrade Available in the main window.

  2. In the Software Update window, click Upgrade Now.

  3. Type your administrator password and then click Install Helper.

    Norton Update Agent uninstalls the older version of Norton product that is currently installed on your Mac.

  4. When the uninstall finishes, click Restart.

  5. After you restart your Mac, the Software Update window prompts you to install the new version of your Norton product. Click Upgrade Now.

  6. Type your administrator password to authenticate and then click Install Helper to start the installation.

  7. When the installation finishes, click Restart.

  8. After you restart your Mac, your Norton product displays a Registration alert to complete the registration. Click Fix Now.

  9. In the Norton product Subscription window, type your Norton account password, and then click Sign In.

    If you do not have a Norton account, click Create a Norton account, and complete the sign-up process

You now have the latest version of your Norton product installed on your Mac.

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Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 08/31/2016