Remove FBI Moneypak/National Security Agency/Cyber Security virus on Mac

This is a type of threat, known as ransomware, which displays alerts that keep asking you to send money to unlock your computer. A ransomware on Mac OS X locks the browser and throws repeated pop-up notifications stating "Your browser has been locked" and demands a ransom to be paid.

It is purely a simple piece of JavaScript that locks up the browser. The threat instructs the user to send money by Moneypak or uKash depending on the region. These threats try to trick you into sending money by making you think that your browser is no longer accessible.

If you force quit the application, the same ransomware page will come back the next time to restart browser because of the "restore from crash" feature which loads backs the last URL visited before the browser was quit unexpectedly.

Depending on your browser, restore it to the factory defaults and remove the ransomware.

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DOCID: v102180323
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Last modified: 11/19/2019