Message: "Your Norton Protection has Ended"

This message appears when your Comcast high-speed Internet or Xfinity Internet subscription has been cancelled. Norton Security Suite service comes with your Comcast high-speed Internet or Xfinity Internet subscription, and gets discontinued when your Comcast subscription is cancelled.

As of May 15th 2018, Xfinity now offers you Norton Security Online in place of Norton Security Suite. You are not required to make this switch.

If your Xfinity subscription has not been cancelled or if you have recently moved to a new address, uninstall Norton Security Suite and install Norton Security Online to fix this problem.

Additionally, your version of Norton Security Online may be outdated and you may need to upgrade to the latest version. Run LiveUpdate to get the latest version.

Uninstall Norton Security Suite

  1. Press the Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

  2. Type in the following text, and then press Enter.

  3. In the list of currently installed programs, select Norton Security Suite, and then click Remove or Uninstall.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  5. When the uninstall completes, restart the computer.

Reinstall Norton Security Online

  1. Go to the Xfinity Internet security website.

  2. Under Norton Security Online, click Download Now.

  3. Sign in with your Xfinity user name and password.

  4. Create a Norton account to associate with Norton Security Online.

    If you have previously created a Norton account for Norton Security Suite, use the same credentials.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install Norton Security Online.

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DOCID: kb20100602120242EN
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 09/06/2023