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Features of Norton Privacy Manager

We are no longer supporting the desktop versions of Norton Privacy Manager.

Norton Privacy Manager is an app that helps you browse, shop, and communicate online without having to expose your private information or see unwanted advertisements. Consumers can create virtual profiles for activities such as online shopping and private browsing. These tools, along with a password manager and in-app end-to-end encryption for phone calls1, 2, texts 1, 2 and emails, help protect consumer information from being tracked, shared and even exposed.

Custom Personal Identities

Sudo are virtual identities that allow users to manage online activities and personal information. All subsequent activities such as making phone calls1, 2, making online purchases, browsing, etc. are done within the context of a Sudo. Each virtual identity includes a label, name, handle, and email address, which is customizable by the user. User has the option of adding a phone number that can be targeted to certain locations/geographies/area codes within the US and Canada. Everything a user does in the app is through a virtual identity. The virtual identity and its attributes can be used to segregate online activities and fill in online forms.

Private Calling

Norton Privacy Manager lets you make both free in-app calls 1,2 and calls to any mobile or landline numbers.

Private Messaging

You can send texts, group messages 1,2, photos, and videos without sharing your personal information.

Custom email

Norton Privacy Manager lets you create multiple, custom email addresses for free. You need not have a user name, password, or login credential to create or access your email. Sudo email addresses can be temporary or permanent.


Sudo handles in Norton Privacy Manager let you make private phone calls or messages within the application without the need of a phone number.

Ad Blocker

Norton Privacy Manager blocks advertisements from being displayed on webpages. You also have the option to allow ads to load on webpages even when Ad Blocker is enabled. Blocking advertisements may reduce page load times, use less data, and decrease risk of computer viruses. Ad blocker functionality is configurable as part of the Privacy Settings.

Password Manager

Securely store and retrieve login and online form field information to simplify signing into websites and filling out online forms. You can also store login information as well as other information related to online forms such as name, address, credit card numbers, billing information. All data is encrypted and securely stored in the vault. The vault is only accessible to the user only. If a user forgets the vault password, you cannot access the information that is stored in the vault and the password cannot be reset. The stored data in the vault includes logins, addresses, credit cards, and notes.

1 - 300 minutes and 500 messages per month, are the total number of minutes and messages included in the plan. Additional minutes and messages cannot be purchased at this time.

2 - Out-of-App calling and messaging is limited to US and Canada.

Since 2008, Norton Labs has allowed us to foster a dialogue with technology enthusiasts and early adopters around new innovative products and services we bring to the market. We invite all forms of feedback to help us create and improve online privacy solutions for digital citizens today and tomorrow.

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Last modified: 07/16/2020