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Manage Norton Privacy Manager VPN, Tracker Blocker, Ad Blocker, and history settings

We are no longer supporting the desktop versions of Norton Privacy Manager.

Stealth Mode in Norton Privacy Manager runs a collection of features that provide maximum privacy when browsing. When the shield icon in the Norton Privacy Manager browser is green, Stealth Mode is activated and the following features are enabled:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Secure Proxy

  • Tracker Blocker

  • Ad Blocker

  • Do Not Store History

  • Search Engine is default1

If you disable any of these features, you deactivate Stealth Mode and the shield icon is gray. You can reactivate Stealth Mode by tapping the gray shield icon and tapping Activate Stealth Mode. All Stealth Mode settings are on by default.

Manage VPN, Tracker Blocker, Ad Blocker, and history settings on Android and iOS

  1. Launch Norton Privacy Manager.

  2. Enter the password that you provided when setting up Norton Privacy Manager and tap Unlock App.

    If you are prompted to sign in with Touch ID, tap the Touch ID, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. Tap on the Norton Privacy Manager home screen.

  4. On the Browser screen, tap the Shield icon.

  5. In the Privacy Settings page, move the sliders to turn the features Off or On.

    • VPN: Hides the IP address of your device so that you can browse anonymously

    • Tracker Blocker: Prevents invisible trackers form monitoring websites you visit to obtain data.

    • Ad Blocker: Prevents advertisements from showing up when you visit websites.

    • Do Not Store History: Stops your browser from storing history and data; when you turn this feature off, your browser is not automatically deleted.

  6. Tap Done.

By default, the search engine in Norton Privacy Manager is StartPage. You can change to your preferred search engine. For more information, see Change the default search engine for the Norton Privacy Manager browser.

1 Private Browser default search engine is preset to StartPage (www.startpage.com).

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 07/28/2020