Export your Identity Safe data

You can export your Identity Safe data for security purposes, data recovery, or when you transfer your Identity Safe data to a new computer. Your vault password cannot be reset. So, Symantec recommends that you back up your vault data periodically. When you enable automatic backup feature, backups of your vault are automatically created and stored locally on your device.

You can retrieve Identity Safe data when your product expires.

Norton Identity Safe does not allow the export of Norton Password Manager (.NPM) files.

Export your Identity Safe data

  1. In the Norton product main window, double-click Identity, and then click Identity Safe.

  2. In the Norton Identity Safe window, click the Settings icon available at the bottom of the window.

  3. Click the Import/Export tab.

  4. In the Export pane, select the file format.

    You can select one of the following:

    • Identity Safe Backup Format - DAT File

      If you want to back up your data with a password for more security, type and confirm the password.

    • Plain Text - CSV file (Logins & Notes only)

    You can access your vault backups at My Documents\Norton Identity Safe Backups\<Norton account name>.

  5. Click Export.

  6. In the Validate Password for Identity Safe window, type your vault password to export your Identity Safe data.

  7. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

Video: How to export your Identity Safe data

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Last modified: 06/18/2018