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Norton Password Manager Logins

Login information that you store in Password Manager includes login credentials for emails, Internet banking, social networking, and online shopping.

Password Manager lets you automatically save your credentials the first time that you login to a website and securely stores the login information. When you return to the site, Password Manager automatically logs you in.

Password Manager is supported in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

Password Manager login features:

  • Automatically captures and stores login information for sites that you visit or allows you to manually add login credentials

  • Stores multiple IDs or accounts and passwords for a website and shows the strength of passwords for your logins

  • Intelligently searches for a specific login and quickly launches the site login page

  • Allows you to control if you want to auto-fill, auto-submit, or require your vault password before logging into a site stored in Password Manager

  • Provides access to the login information that you saved for a website even if Norton expires

If your vault is closed when you access a website that requires your login details, Norton Password Manager automatically opens the Infobar. In the Infobar, you can enter your vault password and then choose the login to use on the website.

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DOCID: v15610367
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 07/10/2020