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View identity theft alerts

To receive alerts, you need to be enrolled in Norton Identity Protection and provide your primary email address. You receive notifications within the Norton Identity Protection portal, and also to your registered email address. The alert provides you the following information:

  • Type of information that may be compromised.

  • The date of and source using the compromised information.

  • Any immediate actions that may be performed to protect your information.

View identity theft alerts

  1. Sign In to your Norton account. Alternatively you can also Sign In directly to the Norton Identity Protection portal.

  2. On the Services page, select Norton Identity Protection, and click Go to website.

  3. Enter your Norton account email address and password, and click Sign In.

  4. On the Home tab, in the Notifications section, do one of the following:

    • Click on the relevant alert to expand and view the details about potentially compromised information.

    • To remove an alert, click the close icon under the Actions column.

Alternatively you can also click View Alerts on the Home tab to view the identity theft alerts notifications.

If you have purchased Norton Identity Protection Elite offering, you can view alerts related to court records monitoring, financial account takeover monitoring, cyber monitoring, payday loan monitoring, address change verification, sex offender monitoring, social network monitoring, Social Security number monitoring from the drop-down menu under Identity Protection tab, and alerts related to credit score updates and credit report from the drop-down menu under Credit Center tab.

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Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Last modified: 06/18/2018