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Identity theft may occur if someone gains unauthorized access to your personal or confidential information such as your email address, phone numbers, Social Security number, debit or credit cards, driver license or passport information. This information may be accessed due to a lost wallet, hacked computer, documents in your trash bins, spam emails or pop-up messages, and even anonymous phone calls. Identity thieves may expose this information on black market websites around the world, causing financial loss and other damages.

The Cyber Monitoring feature is capable of monitoring your personal or confidential information on more than 10,000 websites and millions of data points, including black market web sites, social media, court records, payday loans, and financial institutions. In order to ensure the most complete monitoring services, provide as many data points as possible in the Norton Identity Protection portal.

If you experience identity theft, Norton Identity Protection and Norton Identity Protection Elite offers up to $1 million identity theft insurance to assist with qualifying related expenses. A few examples of typical costs associated with identity theft restoration are lost wages, legal fees, application refiling expenses, plus more. Also included is reimbursement for qualifying fraudulent electronic funds transfers that resulted from identity theft. Review the summary of benefits, policy terms and conditions, and exclusions of coverage here.

Ensure that you provide a valid Social Security number as you are not allowed to edit it later within the Norton Identity Protection portal. You would need to re-enroll in Norton Identity Protection to modify your Social Security number.

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Last modified: 06/18/2018