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How does your child make or receive calls when the device gets locked?

Your child's device gets locked when you turn on Instant Lock or when they have reached their time limit to use the device. Once the device gets locked, your child cannot use any of the installed apps except the Phone app. During this time, your child can receive calls from any user but can make calls only to the allowed contacts that you have set up.

Make or receive calls during Instant Lock or time curfew

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the device block screen, tap Allowed Contacts.

    • Open Norton Family app, tap , and then tap Allowed Contacts.

  2. On the Allowed Contacts screen, tap the contact whom you want to call.

  3. When a child calls an allowed contact from the block screen, the child may notice that the phone app is blocked. However, the call remains on and visible in the notification area as shown in the example below.

If needed, your child can also unlock the device using the PIN that you have set up. Use the information below to see the PIN.

See the PIN using Norton website

  1. Sign in to your Norton.

  2. Click a child whom you want to manage.

  3. Under TIME tile, click and then click under PIN window.

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Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
Last modified: 06/26/2019