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Hardware driver not working after updating it using Norton Driver Updater

To resolve this issue, revert the driver to previous version using Norton Driver Updater's restore feature.

You can only restore the driver versions that were previously updated by Norton Driver Updater. You cannot revert to a version that was updated by your operating system or by other third-party software.

Revert a driver to its previous version

  1. Open Norton Driver Updater.

  2. In the Norton Driver Updater window, click Solve now.

  3. In the What are you having troubles with? window, select a hardware tile, and then click Show results.

  4. In the results window that appears, filter the items as per the hardware component that is causing issues.

    If you are unsure, click Last updated to view the drivers that were recently updated.

  5. Select the driver that you want to revert and click Revert selected.

    To revert all listed drivers, select all items and click Revert all.

  6. In the confirmation window, click Continue.

    Wait for Norton Driver Updater to revert the driver(s) to the previous version.

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DOCID: v20230725154534159
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 04/01/2024