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Update your hardware drivers to the latest version with Norton Driver Updater

Instructions in this article help you use Norton Driver Updater to scan your computer for outdated drivers and update them to the latest available version.

Your computer needs to be connected to the Internet for Norton Driver Updater to update your drivers.

By default, Norton Driver Updater scans your computer to identify the outdated drivers soon after installation. However, you can follow the below instructions to manually run a scan to identify and update the outdated drivers.

  1. Open Norton Driver Updater.

  2. In the Norton Driver Updater window, click Scan Drivers or Scan again.

  3. Wait for Norton Driver Updater to complete the scan.

    After the scan completes, Norton Driver Updater displays all drivers and their statuses.

    • Outdated: Lists the outdated drivers.

    • Updated: Lists the drivers that are on latest version.

    • Ignored and Skipped: Lists the drivers that you excluded from being scanned or updated by Norton Driver Updater. To update a skipped or ignored driver, select the driver and click Stop ignoring or Stop skipping.

    For each driver, you can view the latest version number and the release date.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To update all the listed outdated drivers, click Update all.

    • To update specific drivers, select the drivers from the list, and then click Update selected.

    • To individually update each outdated driver, click the arrow (>) icon next to the outdated driver to review the details, then click Update.

  5. Wait for Norton Driver Updater to update your drivers. This may take some time.

    Important: Do not turn off your computer or disconnect Internet connection while Norton Driver Updater is updating your drivers.

    Some drivers may require a system restart to complete the update. If prompted to restart your computer, click Restart.

  6. After all drivers are updated, click Done.

In some cases, Norton Driver Updater may not be able to successfully update a driver. In such cases, try updating the outdated driver again after some time. You can click Continue and finish updating the remaining outdated drivers or click Close if there are no outdated drivers to update.

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Last modified: 06/12/2024