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FAQ: Norton Core Intelligent Scan and Detection

Norton Core Intelligent Scan and Detection scans and detects known vulnerabilities in all of your home network's connected devices. It also scans for commonly used the passwords that cybercriminals can hack.

Norton Core scans active devices (PC/laptops, smartphones, and other IoT devices) and identifies open ports, services, and device passwords. The identified services and passwords are compared to our database of known vulnerabilities and commonly used passwords.

Norton Core Intelligent Scan and Detection does not slow down the network speed. Scanning and detection are done in the background and when there is low traffic on the home network.

What should I do when a vulnerability is detected?

When Norton Core detects a vulnerability, it notifies you in the Norton Core mobile app. The mobile app shows the vulnerable device(s) under Vulnerable Devices list. Tap on the device name to view the vulnerability details.

If a vulnerability is detected, tap Find solution and follow the on-screen instructions provided to apply the remediation.

If Norton Core detects a weak password for a device, please change the password immediately. To change the password for a device, refer the user guide for that device.

What if there is no remediation available?

Tap How to maximize your home network's security and follow the best practices and guidelines provided.

Does it scan my personal data?

Intelligent Scan and Detection does not scan any user data on your home network. We respect your privacy.

Can I turn off this feature?

Yes. You can enable or disable this feature for the whole home network or individual devices at any time.

To enable or disable this feature, go to Settings/Security and turn on or off Intelligent Scan & Detection.

How do I scan a device manually?

  1. Go to the device vulnerability details screen.

  2. Tap Scan Now.

    The device is scanned and the results get updated through notifications and updated vulnerability list.

    Currently this feature is available only for vulnerable devices.

What is Enhanced Inspection?

In cases where there is no known remediation, you can turn on the Enhanced Inspection feature for additional security.

When you turn on Enhanced Inspection, Norton Core inspects the unencrypted traffic that is sent and received for that device. When this mode is turned on, Norton Core temporarily reduces network performance for that particular device.

What is anonymous password?

Anonymous login allows an unauthorized user to sign in with any username and password combination. This vulnerability is common for devices such as printers and scanners.

A common example is blank user name and password. Always update the default password to prevent cybercriminals from attacking the device and compromising your network.

For more information, refer to the Norton Core Intelligent Scan and Detection guide.

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Last modified: 11/05/2021