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Use Norton Core with a modem and router combo that doesn't support bridge mode

If your Internet Service Provider offers Voice over IP (VoIP), IPTV or other services, you may not be able to configure your modem/router combo into bridge mode. Please note that some modem and router combo devices do not support bridge mode configuration at all.

Norton Core cannot monitor the network traffic and protect the devices that are connected to the model/router combo network. To protect these devices, you must connect them to the Norton Core network.

Do the following to ensure that Norton Core protects your devices:

  • Connect the WAN port of Norton Core to one of the LAN ports of your modem and router combo device.

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi network on the modem and router combo device.

    If you cannot turn off Wi-Fi network, set up different network names for the modem and router combo and for Norton Core.

  • Connect your devices only to the Norton Core network.

  • To prevent automatic re-connection, make sure that you remove the modem and router combo network from the list of previously connected networks in the Wi-Fi settings on your devices.

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Last modified: 09/22/2017