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Add devices to your Norton Core secure network

When you add a wireless device to your secure network, it is displayed in the Devices screen of the Norton Core app. You can then assign the device to the users in your network, as described in How to assign users to a device.

Add your wireless devices to your secure network

  1. For each smartphone, tablet, printer, or other smart device that you want to add, go to the individual device settings and turn on WiFi.

    Do not forget IoT devices like smart TVs, alarm systems, thermostats, or lights. To add a USB printer, Add a USB printer to your Norton Core network

  2. Select your Norton Core network from the list of available wireless networks.

    If you do not see your network name in the list, refresh the list. Make sure that each device that you add is on the Norton Core network or it will not be protected by Norton Core.

  3. Enter your network password.

    Your secure wireless network is protected with WPA2-AES encryption.

  4. Tap Connect/Join.

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Operating System: android,ios
Last modified: 11/01/2021