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Overview and features of Norton Utilities Premium

Norton Utilities Premium provides all the tools you need to keep your PC running in peak condition. Fix issues, clean out clutter, boost performance, eliminate crashes, and much more.

  • View any issues detected by Norton Utilities Premium and decide which ones you want to fix.

  • Enable Automatic Care to perform the automated housekeeping tasks that you specify.

  • Remove performance drains and adapt settings to boost PC and web speed.

  • Defragment hard drives to improve performance and extend the life of drives.

  • Erase temporary and other junk files to reduce clutter and increase drive capacity.

  • Delete the cookies and other tracking data that endanger your privacy.

  • Optimize your CPU, RAM, and drives in real-time.

  • Customize the behavior of Windows features.

Navigation bar and Content pane

  • The navigation bar, on the left, is how you access all the major functions in Norton Utilities Premium.

  • The content pane, on the right, displays the function currently selected.

Click on a category from the navigation bar to expand the list of relevant links. Then click on a link to display its functions in the content pane.


Analyze PC and repair issues

  • Run an analysis of your PC and see a snapshot view of your computer's condition.

  • View and repair any issues detected in the last analysis.

  • Monitor system components that impact performance.

  • View Norton Utilities Premium activity.


  • Clean

  • Speed Up

  • Protect

  • Manage

Run specific tools to suit your needs

  • Access Norton Utilities Premium's individual repair and optimization tools to meet a specific need.

  • Fine tune whether and how specific components of your PC are optimized.

Automatic Care

Automate maintenance

  • Designate issues that you want Norton Utilities Premium to monitor and automatically repair.

Real-Time Boost

Real-Time Status

Automate tuning

  • Automate the optimization of your CPU, RAM, and storage drives.

Menu bar

The menu bar contains the following options:

  • Language. Choose the language in which you would like Norton Utilities Premium to display.

  • Settings. Open the Settings window, which allows you to change various default settings in Norton Utilities Premium.

  • Help. Opens the Help menu, which offers access to help resources on the Web, product update downloads, and your licensing information.

Product support and updates

  • Free, unlimited access to technical support.

  • Free Web updates, which include minor upgrades and patches.

  • Notifications and discounts on all major upgrades.

  • Great software created by people dedicated to providing quality products.

Getting assistance

  • For task-related assistance, click Help (? icon) in the red bar at the top of the Norton Utilities Premium window, and then click Get Help Online to open this Help system.

  • For additional assistance, refer to our Web-based support or contact Technical support.

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Last modified: 05/18/2020