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Norton Task Notification

Norton Task Notification lets you show or hide the notifications that appear when your Norton product runs an automatic background task. When your computer is idle, your Norton product runs Norton-specific automatic background tasks such as Full System Scan, Automatic LiveUpdate, and Insight Optimizer.

When this option is turned on, your Norton product shows the notification to inform you about the background tasks that are running. When this option is turned off, your Norton product does not notify you about any background tasks. By default, your Norton product shows notifications when it runs these background tasks.

By default, the Norton Task Notification option is turned on. You can turn off this option if you do not want to be notified about the background jobs. Turning off this option does not affect the execution of automatic background tasks in any way.

To access the Norton Task Notification settings, navigate to Settings > Administrative Settings > Norton Task Notification.

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DOCID: v39337564
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 07/15/2020