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View or change Norton device security Administrative Settings

Norton device security Administrative Settings have defaults that maximize protection and performance for most users. In rare circumstances, you may want to customize settings for certain features and automated tasks.

Access Administrative Settings

  1. Open your Norton device security product.

    If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open.

  2. In the Norton product main window, click Settings.

  3. In the Settings window, click Administrative Settings, then view or change the default settings:

    Click Use Defaults in the Settings window to return to the recommended settings.

    • Background Tasks: Click Configure to see when tasks that run while you are away from your computer were last run or to manually run them.

    • Idle Time Optimizer: When On, your Norton product optimizes performance by defragmenting your hard drive while your computer is idle.

    • Report Card: When On, your Norton product displays a report every 30 days about activities it ran to protect your computer.

    • Search Shortcut Key: When the default is set, the shortcut to launch search in your Norton product is CTRL + F. You can change the shortcut key.

    • Network Proxy Settings: Click Configure to allow your Norton product to connect to a proxy server in order to run LiveUpdate or other processes. For more information, see Configure Network Proxy Settings.

    • Network Community Watch: When On, your Norton product collects information about potential security risks on your computer and submits the collected data for analysis.

    • Remote Management: When On, your Norton product lets you manage all of your devices remotely when you sign in to your Norton account.

    • Norton Family: Click Configure to set up parental control settings that help your kids stay safe online. For more information, see Getting started with Norton Family.

    • Norton Task Notification: When On, your Norton product sends alerts and notifications when various background tasks run.

    • Performance Monitoring: When On, your Norton product enables default settings that help improve your computer performance. In the program exclusions row, click Configure to add apps that you do not want Norton to monitor for performance issues.

    • Power Saving Mode: When On, your Norton product helps extend your battery life by suspending non-critical background jobs when your computer is running on battery.

    • Silent Mode Settings: The recommended default is Off. When On, your Norton product temporarily suspends background tasks and stops sending security alerts, even when your computer is idle. For more information, see Manage Silent Mode Settings.

    • Product Security: When Norton Product Tamper Protection is On, your Norton product monitors if any app tries to change your device security settings. You can turn on Settings Password Protection to assure that only users who use a password can change device security settings.

    • Special Offer Notification: When On, your Norton product notifies you about promotions, discounts, or special deals.

    • Automatic Resume Delay From Sleep Or Hibernation, Automatic Tasks Delay, Idle Time Out: Change the default time settings for when automated tasks run after you start, wake, or leave your computer idle.

    • Firefox Cleanup: When On, Firefox Temporary File Cleanup periodically removes unnecessary temp files that can slow performance of your PC. You can turn on Firefox History Cleanup if you don't want to maintain files related to your browser history.

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Last modified: 03/21/2022