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Fix common issues if Norton Fix Now fails

When Norton detects a security threat or system performance issue, it shows a Fix Now alert. If clicking Fix Now in the alert window does not fix your problem, try a solution below.

Shortage of cloud storage space

Your Norton product subscription comes with an allotment of secure cloud storage space. When your Norton product performs a cloud backup, it calculates the amount of space that it needs for the backup.

If your cloud storage does not contain sufficient space for the backup, your Norton product notifies you. You can either choose to buy more storage space or remove the previously backed up files and free up some space.

Provision to buy additional online storage is not available for the Norton 360 plans. For the Norton 360 plans, you must upgrade to the next higher plan. For more details, contact Member Services and Support.

Find a solution to error messages that Fix Now cannot resolve

Click on an error message that matches your situation to find a fix for the problem.

If you still get the Fix Now message, the error might be due to one of the following reasons:

Reasons for Fix Now failure

  • Subscription expiration

    Ensure that your subscription is active. To check your subscription status, go to the product main window, click Help, and then click Subscription Status. If your subscription has expired, go to the product main window and click Renew Now and follow the on-screen instructions to renew your subscription. For more information, read Renewing your subscription.

  • Incorrect subscription status

    This can happen when you are not connected to Internet for a long time. If you think that the remaining renewal days shown is incorrect, click Help on the main window and then click Subscription Status to sync your product with Norton server. If your subscription status is shown as Check subscription, go to the product main window, click Check subscription to sync your subscription status with the Norton server, and then try Fix Now.

  • Update to latest version

    Check if you use an older version of the Norton product. You can download the latest version your Norton product at: https://updatecenter.norton.com/

  • Computer is infected

    If your computer is severely infected and the product does not have enough updates to clean the viruses, Fix Now may fail. Run Norton Power Eraser to clean up your computer.

  • SONAR Protection is turned off

    The SONAR Protection feature in your Norton is turned off, and the problem persists even after you click Fix Now. To know more, read SONAR protection is turned off and clicking Fix Now doesn't fix the problem.

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Last modified: 05/02/2021