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Learn more about your automatically renewing subscription

You have an automatically renewing subscription if you have: subscribed to it directly with us, pre-paid it at retail or e-commerce outlets, or activate the subscription renewal in your account or by contacting us.

Pre-paid subscriptions purchased at retail or e-commerce outlets are recurring subscriptions that automatically renew after the initial term you have pre-paid at retail or e-commerce outlets. For their activation and use, you need to sign up online and save your billing details in your account. No charges occur before the day you are due to be charged for the subscription renewal. If you don’t wish to renew, cancel the renewal in your account at any time before the day on which you are due to be charged.

How does it work?

Once you subscribe, the payment method that you stored in your account will be charged to renew your subscription at the applicable monthly or annual renewal price unless you cancel the subscription renewal before the day on which you are due to be charged in your account or by contacting us. For annual subscriptions, we send you an email with the renewal price, the billing date, and related details before any charge occurs so that you know it is coming.

You can stop your subscription from automatically renewing any time before the day you are due to be charged by signing in to your Norton account or by contacting us. For detailed instructions, read Stop your Norton subscription from automatically renewing.

If you want to cancel your subscription and get a refund, visit our Norton Cancellation and Refund Policy to learn more about your contract cancellation and refund rights and for exceptions.

Benefits of an automatically renewing subscription:

  • Our automatically renewing subscription is an easy way to help our customers avoid lapses in their service. 
  • You are automatically billed monthly or annually, depending on your selection, so you have continuous access to your service without having to worry about expiration dates.

Enable subscription renewal:

Once subscribed, you can also activate the renewal for your subscription from your account. In your account, click your name at the top-right corner and click My Subscriptions. Next to the active subscription, click Activate Subscription Renewal.

For Norton Small Business plans, instructions in this article are applicable only for the business account owner.

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Last modified: 12/22/2023