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Norton Password Manager and the Heartbleed vulnerability

This article answers many of the questions that are currently asked about Norton Password Manager and the Heartbleed bug.

Was Norton Password Manager affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability?

  • Norton Password Manager does not contain the version of OpenSSL that is causing the vulnerability, so it is not directly affected by the Heartbleed bug.

Should I change my Vault password?

    As a precaution, we encourage you to change your Vault password, especially if you have reused your Vault passwords on other websites.

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. In the Norton Toolbar, click Vault is Closed.

  3. In the Vault Closed window, enter your vault password, and click Open.

  4. In the Norton Password Manager window, in the lower left corner, click the Settings icon.

  5. In the Settings window, select the Security tab, and click Change Vault Password.

  6. In the Change Vault Password window, enter your current and new passwords, and click OK.

  7. In the Information window, click OK.

  8. In the Settings window, click Save.

  9. If you use a PIN on your mobile device, you will be prompted to change your PIN when you next access your Vault on your mobile device.

Should I change the passwords stored in my Vault?

  • Your passwords are safe in your Vault, but may be compromised if used on the sites that are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. On any website that has sensitive information about you, we recommend that you change your passwords as a safety precaution.

    You should also confirm that the site does not contain the Heartbleed vulnerability, by using the following Norton webpage: http://safeweb.norton.com/heartbleed.

Were Android devices affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability?

    The Android OS 4.1.x is affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. Check if your Android OS version is affected.

  1. In the device, click Settings and select About phone.

  2. In About phone, under Android version, note the version number.

  3. If your device is running 4.1.x, contact your vendor to see if an upgrade is available to 4.2.x or later versions.

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Last modified: 09/19/2018