How do I access my Norton Small Business account?

If you purchased Norton Small Business from your service provider, you don't need to create a separate administrator account.

If your service provider enabled single sign-on, you can conveniently manage your installations, add seats, and renew your existing subscription from your service provider's website. You can access Norton from your service provider's website.

To access Norton account

  1. Visit your service provider's website.

  2. Sign in using your existing user name and password.

  3. Click Norton Small Business to access your Norton account.

However, if your service provider has not been enabled for single sign-on, you will have to create your Norton account. You can create a Norton account with a valid email address. Symantec sends the product updates and other information related to your account to this email address.

To create a Norton account

  1. Open your browser, and go to the following URL:

  2. Click Create an Account.

  3. In the Create an account page, in the Email address box, type your email address. You need to specify this email address each time you log on to Norton.

  4. In the Confirm email address box, type your email address again.

  5. In the Password box, type a password.

    Password is case-sensitive and must be between 6 and 50 characters in length.

  6. In the First Name and Last Name text boxes, type your first name and last name.

  7. In the Region drop-down list, select your country or region.

  8. Click Create Account.

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