Activating your product key

When you purchase Norton Small Business from the Norton Store, third-party websites, or retail outlets, you get a product key. This key is used to activate your Norton Small Business subscription. Activation is the process of validating your product key with the Symantec server. You can start using Norton Small Business after successful validation. You can use your Norton account to activate your product key.

You need to have a Norton account to activate your key. To create a Norton account, How do I access my Norton Small Business account?

If you purchased Norton Small Business or other Norton products from the Norton Store, you may already be registered for a Norton account.

Finding your Norton Small Business product key

  • If you purchased Norton Small Business from the Norton Store

    Your subscription is activated automatically when you complete the purchase from the Norton Store. All you need to do is download the Norton security products on your devices. For more information, Installing a Norton product on your device

  • If you purchased Norton Small Business from third-party websites

    The product key is in the order confirmation email. If you do not find the email in your Inbox, check your spam folder.

  • If you purchased Norton Small Business as a box from retail outlets

    The product key is printed on a card included with the box.

If you have problems with activation, first check your Internet connection. You then need to see if you have parental control software, either installed or through your ISP, that might block the connection. A connectivity problem can occur if you use parental control software. If you suspect that parental controls might block the connection, you can configure the parental controls so that they do not block the activation process.

To activate your product key and download the product

  1. Open your browser and go to

  2. Enter the Norton Small Business product key.

  3. Click the Next icon.

  4. Sign in with your Norton account credentials.

  5. Click Get Started, read the Norton license agreement, and then click Agree & Download.

  6. Run the downloaded file. After the installation completes, you can use the Send Invites option to install your Norton product on your other devices.

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