Info: FAQ on company-provided Norton Mobile Security

What happens to the premium license after I enroll into my company's Norton Mobile Security?

  • If you already have Norton Mobile Security premium installed on your device and you enroll in a company-provided version of Norton Mobile Security, the license on your device will be updated automatically. You can then use your premium Norton Mobile Security license on other devices.

    Your subscription for Norton Mobile Security premium continues and expires on its scheduled date. You can manage your devices and premium license through the Norton Mobile Security website.

Will I lose any of the existing features once I install company-provided Norton Mobile Security?

  • Anti-Theft and Backup features are not available in the company-provided Norton Mobile Security.

    Company-provided Norton Mobile Security offers features like Anti-Malware, App Advisor, and Web Protection which protects you against mobile threats by scanning for and removing malicious apps.

    • Mobile Threat Protection:

      • Virus and Malware protection: Detects and removes mobile threats without affecting the phone's performance. Norton Mobile Security now scans your phone for grayware also which can export your contacts, location, and call logs - and lets you remove them

      • Download Protection: Automatically scans the downloaded apps and app updates and removes the threats detected

      • Automatic SD Card Scan: Automatically scans the SD cards for threats when plugged into the device

    • App Advisor:

      • App Advisor warns you about the apps that are installed on your device and have issues such as leaking your personal information, pop-up ads, or a battery monster. You can either uninstall those apps or mark them as Trusted.

    • Web Protection:

      • Blocks access to fraudulent sites to safeguard your personal information

      • Supports now Google Chrome™ 18 for Android, or later browser

    • Phone Blocking:

      • Block all those unwanted calls without saving them to the phone contacts. Norton Mobile Security lets you add numbers to the Block List from your phone call logs.

      • Norton Mobile Security also gives you an option to quickly remove blocked contacts from contacts list, if saved on your device. You can also choose to block either calls and text message or just phone calls or texts.

    • LiveUpdate with Roaming and Wi-Fi state detection: Checks and downloads updates only when Roaming is off or if the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network to save your monthly mobile bills.

Can I use my premium Norton Mobile Security when I leave my company?

  • Yes, Norton Mobile Security premium can be activated with your Norton account user name and password once you leave your company. To learn more about premium license activation, refer to Activating Norton Mobile Security.

Do I need a Norton account to activate my company's Norton Mobile Security?

  • No, when you receive an email invitation from your IT administrator or install Norton Mobile Security from the Enterprise App Store, Norton Mobile Security gets automatically activated with your company's license. You do not have to create a Norton account to install or activate your company-provided Norton Mobile Security.

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