Learn how Norton email scanning protects encrypted email accounts

The email scanning feature in Norton cannot scan emails from the accounts that are configured for SSL. Email scanning can only scan emails from the accounts that are configured for POP3 and SMTP. The emails that you receive in your secure (SSL) accounts are encrypted, and Norton email scanning cannot scan them before they are downloaded to your inbox.

However, you are still protected. If someone sends you an email with an infected attachment, the file gets downloaded to your inbox along with the email. When you try to open it, the Auto-Protect feature in Norton detects and removes the infected file.

This is the case with almost all webmails. The infected attachments can be available for you to download, however; when you try to open the file, Norton detects and removes it.

In case of POP3 accounts, the email scanning feature detects and removes the infected file even before it is downloaded to your inbox.

Norton is designed to monitor the additional layer of protection that the email scanning feature provides for the POP3 accounts. So you may find an alert saying that your computer is not protected when you disable the email scanning feature. This alert can be ignored in case of SSL accounts, or if you do not have an email account configured at all.

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Last modified: 09/05/2017