View Norton Core notifications

Norton Core notifies you if it detects threats or activities that require your attention.

Notifications that require action from you include:

  • Firmware or software updates available for install.

  • Devices or users attempting to join your secure network or guest network.

  • Unprotected devices in your network.

  • Users attempting to visit blocked websites or categories.

  • Time extensions for users when their allowed time limit is about to end.

For each listed item, select the action that you want to perform. Norton Core shows the date and time that each item was detected.

View Norton Core notifications

  1. Launch the Norton Core app.

  2. In the Home screen, on the top-right corner, tap the bell icon.

  3. In the Alerts screen, tap Notifications.

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DOCID: v95121600_core_en_us
Operating System: Android, iOS
Last modified: 02/27/2017