Reasons why your Mac needs antivirus protection

We all must have heard most of the Mac users say that "Mac doesn't need antivirus software" and believe that Mac OS X protects you against all threats already. However, recent findings suggest that Mac is not immune to viruses, trojans, backdoors, adware, spyware, and other nefarious applications.

I don't have many applications installed on my Mac. Am I protected from threats?

  • The default applications on Mac OS, and other third-party applications have and will continue to have security issues or the vulnerabilities that can allow some form of attack. Most recently, a new vulnerability "Bash Bug" or "ShellShock" was discovered that potentially affects most versions of the Linux and UNIX operating systems, in addition to Mac OS X. Learn more about this vulnerability and how Norton for Mac protects from the Bash Bug.

I visit only known websites on Mac. Why should I install an antivirus?

  • There is an increasing threat from the software attacks that take advantage of vulnerable web browsers. A trend has been observed whereby new software vulnerabilities are exploited and directed at web browsers through use of compromised or malicious websites. Number of factors makes this problem worse, including the following:

    • You may click on links without considering the risks of their actions.

    • Website addresses can be disguised or take you to an unexpected site.

    • Certain web browsers are configured to provide increased functionality at the cost of decreased security.

    • Many websites require that you enable certain features or install more software, putting the computer at additional risk.

    However, there are some cases where Antivirus software may be needed. For example:

    • If you need to use older software containing known vulnerabilities, such as older versions of Java or Flash.

    • If you use a Mac in an environment where antivirus software is required

    • If you frequently trade files with Windows users and don't want to be accused of passing on a Windows virus

    • If you want the peace of mind and don't mind installing a software that may interfere with the normal operation of your system

    • If you can't be bothered to give any thought to what you download, though this is a very dangerous attitude in today's Internet world.

    • If you are not at all tech savvy and have trouble accurately determining what is trustworthy and what is not

    • If there is a major change in the malware affecting Mac users

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