Adding Tags

If you have a lot of Identity Safe data that you use on websites, you can use tags to categorize them. When you save your Identity Safe data on the Cloud Vault, you can add a tag to the data that you save. You can add tags to your logins, addresses, wallet, and notes. You can tag your personal data with any name that helps you identity the data. The Identity Safe data that are tagged with a specific name are grouped together. This way you can quickly choose the data to use while you are online. For example, you have several logins for your email, social networking, and other sites. When you save these logins, you can add a tag such as email, social, and bank. Likewise, if you have several addresses, you can tag them as shopping, social, bank, etc. In this case, all your Identity Safe data are grouped together based on the tags. When you are on a shopping website, you can easily choose a shopping-related data to use on the website.

Tags are also helpful if your Vault is shared by all of your family members. You can add tags to group each family member's data.

To add a tag to your existing Identity Safe data

    As of June 2017, the standalone version of Norton Identity Safe is not available for download for new users. Norton Identity Safe feature is still offered with our Norton Security products. For more information, visit Norton Online Store.

  1. Click the Norton Identity Safe icon on your desktop or taskbar.

  2. In the Norton Identity Safe main window, choose the data to which you want to add a tag.

    For example, if you want to add a tag to a login, click Logins and then click the login from the list.

  3. In the window that appears, click Edit.

  4. In the Tags field, type the category of the data.

    If you want to add more than one tag to your data, separate each tag with a comma.

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Last modified: 08/03/2017