How do I upgrade to the latest version of Norton Toolbar or Norton Identity for Mac?

Upgrade your Norton Toolbar in Safari

  1. Start the Safari browser.

  2. When you receive a prompt to install the Norton SafeWeb extension, click OK.

    If you do not get a prompt to update the Norton SafeWeb extension, on the far-right corner of the Norton Toolbar in Safari, click the Caution mark.

    In the Norton Internet Security dialog box, click OK and skip to line 6.

  3. In the Norton Extensions for Safari webpage, scroll-down and click Install Now.

  4. The Norton Internet Security for Mac SafeWeb Extension for Safari is saved automatically to the Downloads folder.

  5. In the Dock, click on the Downloads icon and select NortonInternetSecurityBF.safariextz.

  6. In the File Download - Security Warning window that appears, click Open.

  7. When you see a prompt to install extensions in Safari from trusted sources only, click Install.

  8. Your Safari browser is now upgraded with the latest version of Norton Toolbar or Norton Identity.

Upgrade your Norton Toolbar in Firefox

  1. Start the Firefox browser.

  2. In the Norton Identity needs to add the Norton toolbar to Firefox dialog box, click Add.

  3. Type your Administrator account name and password to authenticate the installer, and then click OK.

  4. In the Install Add-on tab that opens up in Firefox, check Allow this installation and click Continue.

  5. Click Restart Firefox.

    You need to restart Firefox to finish installing the Norton Identity Toolbar add-on.

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