How do I configure Shredder settings?

You can use the Shredder Settings window to configure the shredder settings of Norton Utilities.

To configure Shredder settings

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Settings tab.

  2. In the Settings window, select Shredder from the left panel.

  3. Under Shredder Settings, select the algorithm to permanently delete files.

    Your options are:

    • Pseudorandom Algorithm

    • Us DoD 5220.22-M (8.306. /E) Algorithm

    • Us DoD 5220.22-M (8.306. /E, C and E) Algorithm

    • Gutmann 35-Pass Algorithm

      Additional information on the relevant algorithms that are used by the Shredder can be accessed through the following links:

    • Alternate Data Streams - Alternate Data Streams (ADS) provides hackers with a method of hiding rootkits or hacker tools on a breached system. It allows them to be executed without being detected by the systems administrator. Norton Utilities has the ability to remove detected ADS.

  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

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