How do I configure Registry settings?

You can use the Registry Scan and Clean Settings window to configure the registry settings of Norton Utilities.

To configure Registry settings

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Settings tab.

  2. In the Settings window, select Registry from the left panel.

  3. Under Registry Scan and Clean Settings, select the required settings.

    You can use the Create a System Restore Point before repairing the Registry check box to create a System Restore point prior to making registry changes whenever the Repair function is executed.

    If the Windows System Restore function is de-activated when you select this option, a Windows message appears to notify you that the Windows System Restore function is turned off. Click Yes to display the Windows System Properties property page where you can activate Windows System Restore.

    If you want to restore System Restore Points that are created on future occasions, you should not turn off the Windows System Restore function. Doing so results in Windows deleting all previously created System Restore Points. Creating a Restore Point is a separate function from the registry backup that is automatically created by Norton Utilities before the changes being implemented in the registry upon executing the Repair function.

    • Automatically resolve all Registry problems: Select this check box to make the repair function run automatically after the scan results screen is displayed and after a period of 10 seconds. A 10-second countdown is displayed on the scan results screen when this option is selected. During the countdown, the automatic repair can be terminated by clicking the Close button.

    • Generate scan logs as part of Registry cleaning: Select this check box to create log files that record the state of your system following a scan. These informative log files do not consume substantial disk space and it is recommended that this option remain selected for support purposes.

    • View Log Files: Click this link to open the Norton Utilities log file directory. The files in this directory are used for support purposes only and should not be edited.

  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

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