How do I configure General settings?

You can use the General Settings window to configure the general settings of Norton Utilities.

To configure General settings

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Settings tab.

  2. In the Settings window, select General from the left panel.

  3. Under General Settings, you can modify the following settings for 1-Click Optimization:

    You can move the On/Off switch to disable or enable the following types of cleaning you want to perform when you click the 1-Click Optimize button on the Dashboard screen:

    • Registry Cleaning: Cleans and repairs your entire registry.

    • Privacy Cleaning: Performs a privacy clean based on the settings under the Privacy tab of Settings.

    • Windows Optimizations: Performs Windows Optimization based on the profile selected.

    • Disk Defragmentation: Performs a quick defragmentation of the system drives.

    • Unused Application Scan: Scans your computer to check for the software that is unused based on the date they were last used.

  4. In the Language drop-down list, select the language to use for the program.

  5. Click Save to apply your changes.

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