What is uninstalling unused software?

Unused software that is installed on your computer can take up a lot of your memory and hard disk space, potentially decreasing the performance of your computer. If you are an average user, you might find it difficult to identify the right software to uninstall. The Uninstaller feature identifies and lets you remove unused software safely.

The Uninstaller analyzes all installed programs on your computer and recommends the programs to uninstall based on the date they were last used and their size, with both of these parameters configurable under Settings > Uninstaller.

When you open the Uninstaller screen under the Recovery tab, a list of all programs that are installed is presented. You can sort the applications by the date of their last use or by their size. Software we recommend that you uninstall are automatically highlighted on this list.

Uninstalling applications removes the selected programs safely, and frees up space on your computer. After uninstall is complete, Registry and Privacy scans to clean your Windows registry and privacy data respectively run automatically.

You may also access the Uninstaller screen by running the 1-Click Optimization feature on the Dashboard, which runs a series of optimization tasks to improve your system's performance including recommending programs for you to uninstall.

When you perform the 1-Click Optimization feature the results screen provides you with recommended programs to uninstall. The unused or unwanted programs that are installed on your computer can take up a lot of your memory and hard disk, potentially decreasing the performance of your computer. Clicking the link takes you to the uninstaller screen from where you can remove unused and unwanted programs safely.

How do I uninstall unused software?

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