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How do I restore registry backups?

Norton Utilities automatically creates registry backups each time you repair problems, so it is easy to restore backups if you need to do so at a later point in time.

To restore registry backups

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Recovery tab.

  2. In the Recovery Home window, under Select your action, click Restore Registry Backups.

  3. In the Restore Registry Backups window, select the latest backup from the list of previous registry backups. Only under very specific circumstances would you need to restore any other backup.

  4. Click Restore to restore the backup.

If you are an experienced user, you may select a backup and click Open to view the subkeys that are associated with that backup. You may then select the subkeys to restore by checking their boxes and then clicking the Restore button.

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Last modified: 06/11/2018