How do I use the Duplicate File Finder?

Duplicate File Finder is a utility within Norton Utilities which helps you keep track of and delete duplicate files so you can increase the space on your system.

To find duplicate files

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Recovery tab.

  2. In the Recovery Home window, under Select your action, click Find Duplicate Files.

  3. In the Find Duplicate Files window, under Select locations to scan, select the locations to search. After you located the path, click >> to add the path. The selected path is added in the Paths to scan column. Select and Click << to remove a path from the list.

  4. Under Select filtering options, select the filtering option. Your options are:

    • All Files: Select to find all duplicate files regardless of file type.

      • Exclude Common Application Files: Select this option to decrease the risk of removing those duplicate files which are required to run applications on your computer or are shared across Windows users. Deleting these files can impair your system.

      • Specify size (in KB): Specify the size in KB of the files to search using the At Least or Less Than filters.

    • Custom File Types: Select this option to search for duplicate files of these following Predefined types:

      • Movies

      • Images

      • Documents

      • Archives

      • Music

      This option is selected by default.

    • Scan for file name or type: Lets you specify a file type to search. For example, you can search for jpg files.

  5. Click Start Scan to begin scanning for duplicate files. During the scan, a progress bar indicates the progression of the scan process.

    Scan Results

    At the end of a scan Norton Utilities displays all results in two columns:

    • Duplicate Groups

      The duplicate files are grouped together and displayed accordingly. Click on a group to view the individual files and their locations.

      Alternatively you can right-click anywhere under this column to select one of two options:

      • Select one in each group: Lets you select one duplicate file in each folder.

      • Deselect all: Lets you deselect the files you have selected to be deleted.

      Additionally there is a folder called All Items under this column which lets you view all duplicate items. This view is helpful after you have made your selections for deleting as you can scroll through and review all items selected before you delete them

    • File Name and Location

      This column displays the individual files and their folder locations.

      Select a file and right-click to display a menu which you can use to correctly identify the file and to learn its properties to determine whether or not you want to delete it.

      • Open

      • Open With

      • Open Folder

      • Properties

    All Items

    The All Items option lets you view all duplicate items. This view is helpful once you have made your selections for deleting as you are able to scroll through and review all items selected before deleting them.

  6. Select the duplicate you want to delete. Click Delete File(s) to permanently delete the file from your system.

One file may be duplicated in different locations and may be required for specific applications to function. Hence, we recommend that you check the Exclude Common Applications option to reduce risk of removing such files.

We recommend that you review items for deletion carefully and exercise caution before deleting files.

As a precautionary measure, Norton Utilities does not let you choose all copies of a file and delete them. You must retain one copy.

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