How does Norton Utilities determine the condition of the files?

Norton Utilities determines file condition using two factors:

  • The state of the clusters of the file body (free or occupied) on the current file system. This can determine whether the file is overwritten on or not, though it is not possible to determine this with 100% accuracy. For instance, a file may have been overwritten with another file which in turn was also deleted. In this case, as the clusters are free, Norton Utilities assumes that the data is not overwritten, but the original data has been completely destroyed.

  • The state of data if the file type is supported by Norton Utilities. The second factor uses the knowledge of different file types to validate actual data regardless of clusters occupation. Not all file types can be checked this way. For example, there is no validation for plain text files.

Based on these two factors, Norton Utilities determines the condition of the file as:

  • Green: File is not overwritten (all its clusters are currently free), and validation is successful if the file type is supported by Norton Utilities.

  • Yellow: Less than 33% of the file is overwritten, and validation is successful if the file type is supported by Norton Utilities.

  • Red: More than 33% of file is overwritten or the data validation has failed.

To select files for recovery, select their check boxes and click Recover. Recovered files are stored in the default Recovery folder.

To change the default location, click Browse to select a new location and click OK.

By default you are displayed a warning when you recover files to the same location that was scanned. You can enable/disable this option in the Settings screen.

We recommend that you recover files to a separate drive or partition to prevent recovered files from writing into the unused space from which Norton Utilities is recovering the files.

How do I scan for lost or deleted files?

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