How do I scan for lost or deleted files?

You can use the UnErase window to scan for lost or deleted files and recover them.

To scan for lost or deleted files

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Recovery tab.

  2. In the Recovery Home window, under Select your action, click Recover Lost Files.

  3. In the UnErase window, under the Scan type option, select type of scan the you want. Your options are :

    • Quick scan

    • Deep Scan

    • Physical Scan

  4. In the Scan the selected drives, select locations to search for files.

  5. In the Scan by file type, select types of files to search for. By default, all file types are selected.

    Optional filters

    • Specify size (in KB): Specify the size in KB of the files to search using the At Least or Less Than filters.

    • Custom Scan - File mask or exact file name: Enter a file type to search for or exact name.

  6. Click Start Scan. During the scan, a progress bar indicates the progression of the scan process. As recoverable files are found, they are listed in the Scan Results list.

    You can click Stop to stop the scan at any point.

    Scan Results

    At the end of a scan, all recoverable files are listed in the File Recovery window. You may view the scan results grouped according to their File Type or Folder. By default, files are categorized based on the file types.

  7. Click on the arrow beside View by File Type to select the View by Folder option. For each file found, a green, yellow or red icon alongside indicates the condition of the file.

  8. Select the check box adjacent to the file that you want to recover and click Recover.

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