How do I shred files?

The shredding function permanently deletes files, folders, and Recycle bin content making these files unrecoverable.

To shred files

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Privacy tab.

  2. In the Privacy Home window, under Select your action, click Shred Files.

  3. In the Shred Files window, click Add to add files to be shredded.

    You can also add files by dragging and dropping files from your Windows explorer or by clicking Add and manually selecting files using the Browse option.

  4. Items that you select are displayed in the list under File/Folder Path. You may add or remove files by selecting them and clicking the Add and Remove respectively.

  5. Select the file you want to shred.

  6. Click the Open button to add the file to the shredding list.

  7. Click Shred to shred the selected files.

Favorite Locations: After the file or folder is listed in the shredder list, you may use the right-click option to add the location to favorites. For subsequent use, you can easily browse to your favorite locations to add files for shredding.

After shredding is complete, shredding results are displayed listing the Total Number of Items for Shredding, Total Number of Items Shredded, Total Number of Items Not Shredded ,and Disk Space recovered.

What is the difference between Disk Bleaching and Permanently shredding Files?

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