How do I bleach disks?

The Bleach Disk feature in Norton Utilities ensures that your previously deleted files are unrecoverable from your computer. Please note that bleaching does not destroy or remove existing data; it is only performed on the existing free space available on your hard drive.

To completely eliminate the history trail of your deleted files, there is an option to select Clean Master File Table record in the Bleach feature which scrambles your Master File Tables records during the next system startup.

To bleach your disks

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Privacy tab.

  2. In the Privacy Home window, under Select your action, click Bleach Disks.

    The Free Space category is automatically selected in the left panel.

  3. In Privacy Scan and Clean window, in the Bleach Free Disk Space row, move the On/Off switch to the left to the On position to enable the Bleach Free Disk Space feature. A list of drives is presented on the screen.

  4. Select the drive(s) on which you want to perform the bleach.

  5. Clean Master File Table record: Select this check box to clean the Master File Table Records. The Master File table is the place where information about every file and directory on an NTFS volume is stored. It is a relational database table, containing various attributes about different files. It acts as the "starting point" and central management feature of an NTFS volume.

  6. Click Clean Disks to bleach space on the selected drives.

Sometimes after performing a bleach, windows may notify you that your drive is low in space. You can then restart your computer and run another bleach on the affected drive.

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