How do I clear my browser History?

To clean your online browsing traces, you need to clear your browsers where information about the sites you visit is recorded periodically in the following sections.

  • Cache, History, and Address bar.

  • Index.dat.

  • AutoComplete Form Data - data previously filled in any Web form including all saved passwords.

  • Downloaded Program files.

This function allows the selective cleaning of history information contained in your Browser's History. Browsers supported include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Netscape Web browsers.

To clear your browser's history

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Privacy tab.

  2. In the Privacy Home window, under Select your action, click Clear Your Browsing History.

    The Browsers category is automatically selected in the left panel.

  3. In Privacy Scan and Clean window, in the Clean Internet Browser Settings row, move the On/Off switch to the right to the On position to enable the Clean Internet Browser Settings feature.

  4. A list of different browsers is displayed along with their status (installed or not). Browsers that you have not installed are grayed out. A second column lists items to be cleaned.

  5. To prevent specific cookies from being cleaned, you need to save them as Cookies you wish to retain.

    You can use this option in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Click Select which Cookies you want to retain and select the cookies that you want to keep.

  6. Select the Internet browser to erase its browsing history. Select the item(s) to clean from the item list column. Items include:

    • Cache, History, and Address bar

    • Index.dat

    • AutoComplete Form Data

    • Downloaded Program files

  7. Click Save Choices to confirm your selection. This action is required if you have made any changes to the default selection.

  8. Click Clean Browsers to clear their history.

When you click Clean All, Norton Utilities runs a full privacy scan including the Browsers, Plug-ins, and Free Space (if enabled) sections

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