How do I configure Ignore Lists?

You can use the Registry Ignore Lists window to configure the list of ignored values and subkeys. You can view the list of values or subkeys that you added to the Ignore Lists from the scan results window.

You can use the following tabs in this window:

  • Values: Lets you view the list of values that you added.

  • Keys: Lets you view the list of keys and subkeys that you added.

To configure Ignore Lists

  1. In the Norton Utilities main window, select the Performance tab.

  2. In the Performance Home window, under Select your action, click Clean Your Registry.

  3. In the Clean Your Registry window, click the Configure Ignore List link.

  4. In the Registry Ignore Lists window, you can modify items within your values or keys lists. These functions only affect items within the selected list.

    You can use the following options:

    • Add: Lets you create a new value or sub key from scratch and add it to your list.

    • Remove: Lets you remove specific items from your Ignore Lists. To remove items from this list, select their check boxes and click the Remove button. You can remove single items by highlighting them and clicking this button.

Norton Utilities also contains an Internal Ignore List, which is different from this Ignore List. Updates to this list are released periodically and can be obtained via Smart Update.

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