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Canceling Automatic Renewal for your Norton product subscription

Norton Automatic Renewal Service lets you automatically renew your Norton product subscription before it expires. This service provides continued updates and protection year after year for the users who select Norton Automatic Renewal Service. If you have enrolled for a monthly subscription of your Norton product, you get protection month after month.

You can cancel Automatic Renewal at any point during your subscription by turning off the auto-renewal feature. If Automatic Renewal is turned off, you must manually renew your subscription before its expiration.

If you cancel your Norton Automatic Renewal Service, you must manually renew your subscription at the time of subscription expiration to receive protection updates.

You can also contact the Norton customer service to cancel the Norton Automatic Renewal Service.

To cancel Automatic Renewal for your Norton product subscription

  1. Log on to Norton Management.

  2. Click the My Account tab.

  3. On the My Account page, click Automatic Renewal and Subscriptions.

  4. On the Automatic Renewal and Subscriptions page, in the Automatic Renewal column, move the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position.

About Norton Automatic Renewal service

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Last modified: 05/12/2014