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Your Norton product delivers today's fast and light all-in-one solution to protect your Mac and all your online activities.

Your Norton product main window provides you a centralized location for the various activities that you can perform using the product. You can access the main features of the product from the main window and manage the performance of your Mac.

You can use the following options to perform the important tasks in your Norton product:


Lets you view the overall protection status of your computer.

When your system status is Secure, your computer is fully protected. When your system status is at Attention state, ensure that you fix all the issues. When your system status is at At Risk state, you must take immediate actions to fix the issues.

When your system status is At Risk or Attention, this section automatically provides you an option to fix all the issues at once.


Lets you access different types of scans to protect your computer and your sensitive data.

You can use the Scans option and run the following types of scans:

  • Quick Scan: Scans the home folders on your Mac.

  • Full Scan: Scans selected disks to remove viruses and other security threats.

  • File Scan: Scans a particular file or folder on your Mac and removes any security threats.

  • Scheduled Scan: Lets you configure a scheduled scan. Your Norton product automatically scans your Mac on the day and time that you specify.


Lets you run LiveUpdate to download the latest virus definitions and program updates.

Your Norton product uses the latest virus definitions from Symantec servers to detect and remove latest security threats.


Lets you access the Advanced window.

You can do the following tasks in the Advanced window:

  • Configure and schedule different scans.

  • Change the Firewall settings.

  • Configure Norton Safe Web for browsers.

  • View Security History.

  • View the quarantined items in the Security History window.

  • View Network Activity history.

  • Turn on Silent Mode, Error Management, Automatic Upgrades, and Norton Community Watch features.

In addition, you can choose to turn on or turn off the protection features from this window.


Lets you scan and remove the following junk files on your computer:

  • Operating system junk files

  • Application caches and logs

  • Duplicates and similar files

You can click Run now to allow your Norton product to scan and list the junk files that occupy your computer. Ensure that you review the scan results before removing the junk files from your computer. You can use the settings icon next to the Run now to configure the Norton Clean settings.

You can use the Help link at the top of the main window to do the following:

  • Access the online Help and support options

  • Activation

  • Upgrade your Norton product to the latest version (This option is available only if a new version is made available by Symantec).

  • View product information such as version number, serial number, Third-Party notice, etc.

Your activation status appears at the bottom of the main window until you activate your service. You can use the Activate Now option to activate your Norton service.

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Last modified: 05/04/2018