Norton Anti-Theft displays the incorrect Device Status of locked or unlocked when using Intel Anti-Theft

This can happen if Intel Anti-Theft is automatically enrolled when setting up Norton AntiTheft. Symantec is aware of this situation and is working on a solution.

The Norton AntiTheft agent does not synchronize to the web server if an internet connection is not available on the targeted computer. If you are offline when you start up the computer, and then establish an internet connection (through Wi-Fi authentification for example), when the targeted device is checked on, Norton AntiTheft displays an incorrect status.

Please do not uninstall and reinstall the Norton AntiTheft agent immediately after you see the incorrect status. Alwayes be sure to select "unenroll" in the Intel Anti-Theft pane on the Web Norton AntiTheft console to remove the Norton AntiTheft agent from the computer.

Correct the Device Status for computer

  1. Restart the computer and be sure that it is connected to the Internet.

    A wired connection is preferred.

  2. Open Web Norton AntiTheft on another computer.

  3. Wait for the sychronization to occur.

  4. Verify the correct status of the device.

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Last modified: 05/14/2013