Backup preparation

After you install Norton, you must configure Norton to back up your important files on your computer. You can back up your important files with Norton either automatically or at a time that you specify. You can always change the backup settings you initially make.

Choose the following settings when you make a backup:


You can perform the various tasks that are related to the backup sets such as creating, deleting, and renaming backup sets.

You can also preview the details that are related to any particular backup set such as the size and the available files.


You can choose from a variety of file types, such as photos, documents, and music. You can also specify individual files.

You have the following options:

  • Sources

    Lets you select a source from which you want to back up your files.

    Norton Backup is comprehensive or short depending on the locations that you select.

  • File Types

    Lets you include or exclude a backup file category.

    You can add a file or a folder to the backup or exclude a file or a folder from the backup. You can also use Add or exclude files and folders option to view the added and excluded files and folders. In addition, you can use the Edit File Type option to edit file extensions within each file category. When you check Edit File Type, you can add, edit, or remove the file extensions in each Backup category by using the Configure option.


You can choose any storage location that Norton offers for your backup location, depending on your PC and the connected devices.

You can store your backups on a network drive, removable flash memory drive, or permanent disk in your PC.

Backing up your files to a location where your source files are available is not safe. You may lose your data during hardware malfunctions.

You can delete the previously backed-up files. You can also decide if you want to verify your backups by checking the Verify backup option.

Norton also provides a secure online backup service that you can use to store your backed-up files in a safe location on the Internet. This service protects your information even if something catastrophic happens to your computer.

To use the Secure Cloud Storage option, you must set the Network Cost Awareness option in the Firewall Settings window to No Limit.

Defining the Internet usage of your Norton product


You can have Norton back up your files when your computer is idle. You can also set a regular backup schedule or manually back up your files.

When you use the Secure Cloud Storage option for the first time, Norton needs to be activated. To activate the Secure Cloud Storage, click the Activate for free/Click here to activate your Secure Cloud Storage link. The online backup service that is provided with Norton requires you to create a Norton account. When you back up files online, Norton requests your Norton account name and password, which prevents unauthorized access to your backed-up files.

Before Norton runs a backup, it examines the files on your computer so that it can back up your files more efficiently. During this initial examination, Norton counts the number of files that may need to be backed up. Norton also records the types and sizes of those files. This process usually takes no more than a few minutes the first time you run a backup.

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