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Norton Power Eraser advanced scan options

Norton Power Eraser provides scan options for advanced users and technicians to perform advanced troubleshooting. Following advanced scan options are available in Norton Power Eraser:

  • Reputation Scan:

    Now, you can scan specific files and folders using Norton Power Eraser. Norton Power Eraser uses the Reputation Scan to speed up the scan. Currently, only the files with following extensions are supported for scanning:

    • .exe

    • .msi

    • .dll

    • .loc

    • .scr

    • .ocx

    • .drv

    • .sys

  • System Scan:

    Perform a standard Norton Power Eraser scan on your current Windows OS. This scan does not include Rootkit scan.

  • Multi Boot Scan:

    Perform a scan on specific OS in a multi-boot Windows environment. You can select the Windows OS that you want to scan. Multi-boot Scan option is not available if only the current OS is detected.

Run a scan using Advanced scan options

  1. Start Norton Power Eraser.

  2. Read the license agreement, and then click Accept.

  3. Click the Advanced Scans icon.

  4. Depending on the scan options that you want to use, click the scan icon.

    • Reputation Scan

    • System Scan

    • Multi-Boot Scan

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the scan.


More you can do with Norton Power Eraser:

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 07/16/2018