Intrusion and Browser Protection settings

Intrusion Prevention scans all the network traffic that enters and exits your computer and compares this information against a set of attack signatures. Attack signatures contain the information that identifies an attacker's attempt to exploit a known operating system or program vulnerability. Intrusion Prevention protects your computer against most common Internet attacks.

If the information matches an attack signature, Intrusion Prevention automatically discards the packet and breaks the connection with the computer that sent the data. This action protects your computer from being affected in any way.

Intrusion Prevention relies on an extensive list of attack signatures to detect and block suspicious network activity. The Norton product runs LiveUpdate automatically to keep your list of attack signatures up to date. If you do not use Automatic LiveUpdate, you should run LiveUpdate once a week.

The Norton product also provides the Browser Protection feature to protect your browser from malicious programs.

The Browser Protection feature is available for Internet Explorer 7.0 or later and Firefox 10.0 or later.

With increasing Internet use, your browser is prone to attack by malicious websites. These websites detect and exploit the vulnerability of your browser to download malware programs to your system without your consent or knowledge. These malware programs are also called drive-by downloads. The Norton product protects your browser against drive-by downloads from malicious websites.

The Intrusion and Browser Protection settings also include the Download Intelligence option to protect your computer against any unsafe file that you download. Download Intelligence provides information about the reputation level of any executable file that you download using the browser. Download Intelligence supports only downloads using the HTTP protocol, Internet Explorer 6.0 browser or later, Chrome 10.0 browser or later, and Firefox 3.6 browser or later. The reputation details that Download Intelligence provides indicate whether the downloaded file is safe to install. You can use these details to decide whether you want to install the executable file.

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