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Info: FAQ on Norton Mobile Security (China only)

How do I download Norton Mobile Security

  • You can download Norton Mobile Security from the Norton Web site. Start the Browser app and open the following Web link:


    Follow the on-screen instructions to download the Norton Mobile Security app.

How do I install Norton Mobile Security after I download it?

  • 1. Slide down the status bar at the top, and tap the file that you downloaded.

    2. Tap Install to confirm.

    3. When you see the message Application Installed, tap Open.

    4. Tap User License Agreement to read it, and then tap Agree & Launch.

    5. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the activation.

What is an apk file?

  • An Android application is compiled and packaged into a single file with .apk extension. It includes all of the application's code resources, assets, and manifest file.

How do I activate Norton Mobile Security?

  • To activate the Norton Mobile Security, start the Norton Security app, and then tap Activate Now. Type the activation code that you received through email or from the retail store and tap Submit.

I no longer see the Norton Mobile Security icon in the notification area after I upgrad to the latest version.

  • By default, the notification icon is not displayed in the notification area. To enable the notifications, do the following:

    1. Start the Norton Mobile Security app.

    2. Press the Menu key, and then tap Notification.

    3. Next to Ongoing Notification, tap the checkbox to enable the notifications.

Can I activate Norton Mobile Security on another mobile device using the same activation code? Is there any limit on the number of activations?

  • You can activate Norton Mobile Security using the same activation code on your new device. The activation server transfers your Norton Mobile Security license to the new device and the license on the old device is expired within 22 hours.

    The same activation code can be used to activate Norton Mobile Security not more than three times.

If I change a hardware component of my mobile device, does it affect Norton Mobile Security? Does it lock the device?

  • Changing the hardware components of the device does not change the IMEI or the MAC address of the device. The Norton Mobile Security license is attached to the IMEI or the MAC address of the device and remains unaffected.

    The SIM Card Lock feature of Norton Mobile Security is attached to the SIM card. Your device is not locked if the SIM card is not changed.

Can I upgrade to the latest version of Norton Mobile Security by running LiveUpdate?

  • No. You need to manually download and install the apk file from the Norton Web site to upgrade to the latest version.

If I uninstall and reinstall Norton Mobile Security 2.5 on the same device, does it require a new activation code?

  • No new activation code is required. Licensing server automatically recognizes your device.

If I change SIM card on my mobile device with Norton Mobile Security 2.5 installed, does it require a new activation code?

  • No new activation code is required. Licensing server automatically recognizes your device.

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Operating System: Android 2.x, Android 3.x
Last modified: 06/27/2012