FAQ: Norton Anti-Theft privacy-related changes

To ensure compliance with the applicable privacy laws in different countries, changes are made to some of the Norton Anti-Theft features from June 11, 2012. As a result, the features available in Norton Anti-Theft may vary by country.

Users may notice unavailable or completely removed features on the Norton Anti-Theft website and in multi-device client installations.

What has changed?

  • The Norton Anti-Theft Sneak Peek feature now does not include its on-demand picture taking ability. In addition, devices now display notice and consent messaging for location tracking and photo taking when the device is in locked, lost, or stolen state. Users continue to have the Sneak Peek feature available with automatic picture taking functionality.

What is Sneak Peek?

  • Sneak Peek is a feature designed to help get your device back if it is lost or stolen. If a device is reported lost or stolen, the Norton Anti-Theft client attempts to use the device's camera to take pictures. These pictures are uploaded to Norton Anti-Theft website where they can be viewed to help recover the device. Sneak Peek feature previously was using two methods to take pictures:

    • On-demand: An option on the Norton Anti-Theft website allowed users to take a picture immediately "on-demand" if the device was online

    • Automatic: An option where pictures were taken automatically on a periodic predefined interval.

Is Sneak Peek feature available in my country?

  • Sneak Peek feature availability varies by region.

    • For Germany, Sneak Peek feature is completely disabled.

    • For rest of the EMEA* region, On-demand Sneak Peek option is not available. However, users can upload and display pictures when device is locked.

    • For rest of the regions, all the Anti-Theft features including Sneak Peek, are available.

    *EMEA countries: UK, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Do I need to do anything as a result of this change?

  • Your installed products are updated by its standard update mechanism. You may also notice automatic changes to the Norton Anti-Theft website which occur without any action on your part.

Why were these features removed?

  • On an ongoing basis, we evaluate our products to ensure compliance with local regulations. As a result, the availability of features and functionality may vary by market.

Where can I go if I have additional questions?

  • If you have questions regarding this change, you can contact Norton Support. If you are a Norton One customer, log on to your Norton One account to access your premium member support

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