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Disabling a computer

When your computer is lost or stolen, and if you consider the information in the computer is critical, disable the computer. If you disable your computer, no one can access your computer until the correct user password is given.

The Disable Device option is available only with the computers that have Intel Anti-theft chipset.

The advantages of this advanced option are:

  • When you disable the computer, the computer shuts down and your data is safe.

  • No one can erase your data in the computer.

The disadvantages of this option are:

  • You cannot track the location of the computer.

    You can only see the last location that is captured before you disabled your computer.

  • You cannot view the current images of the person who has the computer.

    You can only view the last 10 images that were taken before the device got disabled.

    If you disable your computer, you cannot track location or take picture using your computer.

To disable your computer

  1. Open your Web browser, and go to the following URL: http://antitheft.norton.com.

  2. In the Norton Anti-Theft page, click Sign In Here.

  3. In the window that appears, enter your Norton Account credentials to sign in to your account.

  4. In the left pane, under My Devices, click the name of the computer.

  5. On the page that appears, click Lock Device.

  6. In the Lock Device page, select Disable Device.

  7. Click Lock Device.

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